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Mission San Francisco de Asís Paper Model. Perfect for School Projects A+.

San Francisco de Asis Model

Build this 3D paper model replica of Mission San Francisco de Asís. Perfect for school projects! All you have to do is cut, glue and assemble this mission into a beautify 3D replica. Printed on thick card heavy duty stock paper. 

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1. Buy now on Amazon. Two options to choose from. Mission Large Model Only and Deluxe Set (includes mission accessories).

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Mission San Francisco de Asis Model Deluxe Set
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Buy Mission San Francisco de Asís on Amazon
Buy Mission San Francisco de Asís on Amazon


2. Purchase a Mega Deluxe Set downloadable online now.

Get instant access. You will receive multiple pdf files where you can print on your own color printer. The Mega Deluxe Set comes with everything you see below. This is not available on Amazon. You will get the Large Mission Model, The Extra Annex Building, The Mission Accessories and the Project Board Mega Pack.

Mission Model Size

Large Size Base:

  • Width: 10 inches
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Height: 7.3 inches

History of Mission San Francisco de Asís

The sixth mission in California has an interesting and difficult history. On June 16, 1776, Padre Francisco Palòu left with a small Spanish expedition towards what is now San Francisco to build a mission and military base. A little over a week later, the expedition arrived near Arroyo de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Lake of Our Lady of Sorrows). On June 29, 1776, San Francisco de Asis Mission or what is now often called Dolores Mission was founded by Padre Francisco Palòu.

Despite Padre Francisco Palòu choosing to name the mission after San Francisco, the name Dolores Mission stuck because it was near a lake of that name where ships stopped to bring supplies to the mission. The mission’s original name came from San Francisco de Asis (Saint Francis of Assisi) who is one of the most famous Catholic saints. He was born into a wealthy family and after serving in the military decided to live in poverty and try to give back to others. Saint Francis is famous for creating new orders (groups of priests and nuns) in the Catholic Church and even tried to stop a series of wars between Europe and the Middle East known as the Crusades.

The Native Americans who lived in this area were friendly and visited the Spanish shortly after the founding. The Spanish gave them small presents to encourage them to stay at the mission and learn about Christianity. Unlike other missions, the Native American tribe is not known today perhaps because they were particularly poor and had few possessions.

The Spanish ended up having a lot of trouble with achieving their goal of baptizing as many Native Americans as they could at San Francisco de Asis Mission. The first problem was that many of the Native Americans were not interested in learning about Christianity or being baptized. They often would run away from the mission after a short time. The Padres developed a negative reputation for being mean to these Native Americans and often sent the Spanish military to bring them back to the mission. Eventually, the military got tired of chasing after Native Americans who ran away from the mission and the Padres realized they had to find another solution.

The second problem that the San Francisco de Asis Mission faced was that it was so cold and wet where the mission was built, that none of the Native Americans wanted to stay and live there. The ones who did live nearby were very weak to diseases brought from Europe to California by the Spanish. Sadly, over 5,000 Native Americans died from measles at San Francisco de Asis Mission.

To solve these problems, a ranch was built further north where the Native Americans could live and grow more plants than at San Francisco de Asis Mission. While this helped, there is no doubt that San Francisco de Asis Mission was not as successful at growing its own food or baptizing Native Americans like many of the previous missions were.

One of the stranger moments in the mission’s history was when the California Gold Rush hit. The area around San Francisco de Asis Mission was turned into a center of horse racing and gambling. These activities rarely happened near a mission, but once the search for gold ended; the area surrounding mission went back to its original purpose.

Like other missions, after Spain lost the war for Mexico’s independence, San Francisco de Asis Mission was not taken care of and anything of value was sold off. San Francisco de Asis Mission was eventually returned to the Catholic Church and began to offer religious services again. As time went on, the area around the mission became more and more developed as the city of San Francisco became bigger.

Visitors can see a large amount of Spanish and Native American artwork at the mission. There is even artwork done using redwood trees which were taken from the surrounding area. San Francisco de Asis Mission also has a large collection of altars in the church which show most of the Catholic Saints. Considering how many struggles San Francisco de Asis Mission had over the years, it is surprising that church’s building has survived for so long and is still open for anybody who wants to experience part of California’s history.